On-Line Forklift Recerficiation Course

Warehouseman Training Inc. Program


Guidelines for using the program

If you are having your employer evaluate your driving
You MUST download the two documents specified in the program.
If you are having it done at our facility then we will provide those forms.
> Inspection Form-used for vehicle inspection.
> Evaluation Form-used by your supervisor to evaluate your driving skills
(both forms will be mailed, faxed or scanned [send by email] to us).

The recertification exam is made up of (3) three sections.
Each section has (2)two chapters.
There is a video for each Chapter for you to watch.
After each Section there is a quiz. You must answer every question to move on to the next Section.
You must submit the answers to get credit for that Section.
Once you are done a final score will be given.

The supervisor will use the Evaluation Form to evaluate you safe driving skills.

Once we recieve both forms we will mail your OSHA Operator's License and Certificate to the address you provided.

Should you need to log out during the exam process.

You will only get credit for a Section once the quiz answers have been submitted.

If you log out before submitting the quiz answers, you will have to retake that section including the quiz.

Log In to Course

Logging in the first time.
Make sure your have register and paid.
Enter you email and password.
Click on the “Log In” Button to go the introduction page.

To Continue the course.

Enter your email and password.
Click on the “Log In” Button to proceed.
The course will start where you left off.

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